Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. was established in 1954 and operated as Łosoś Sea Fisheries Labor Cooperative until 1999. At that time, the factory was located in the port of Ustka and in addition to the production of canned fish, it was also involved in Baltic Sea fishing, the sale of fresh fish and fish for further processing, boat repair and had 10 shop in Poland.

Since the early 1990s, its activities have been focused exclusively on the production and marketing of canned fish. In 2002, the company moved to Słupsk, where production is carried out to the current modern factory.

Losos today

Today Łosoś is one of the leading Polish producers of canned fish, with an annual production of over 83 million pieces. The company is technologically advanced with 12 production lines, its own cold store, smokehouse and a modern high storage warehouse. The quality of the products is controlled by a team with many years of experience. The company is IFS, BRC, MSC and ASC certified to the highest quality standards.

The product portfolio of Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. includes 3 brands: Łosoś, Posejdon and Pirat, but  Łosoś is the leading brand. The product portfolio offers a wide range of canned fish, including mackerel, herring, sprat, salmon, trout, catfish, tuna and sardines. The fish is served filleted or cut into pieces, in delicious sauces, oil or olive oil, seasoned with a variety of vegetables and spices.



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