Our company

Get to know us!

Del Pierre Central Europe Ltd. was established in 2004 with the leadership of two owners who had extensive experience in the food industry. In the past more than 10 years the company has developed dynamically as a result of forward looking cooperating partnerships and constant innovation. The company is a completely Hungarian owned, traditional trading enterprise. It is a defining actor in Hungarian food commerce. As a Hungarian distributor it performs the representation of large global brands in Hungary and it also participates in the development of unique, own-brand products.

Del Pierre Central Europe Ltd. offers tasty, mutually advantageous and fair cooperation to its partners as well as its consumers. In the framework of cooperation the company quickly reacts to the arising needs of its partners and assists them with broad ranging information.

To its consumers it offers products with the best price-value ratio on the market and it provides comprehensive customer service. The partners as well as the consumers can be assured regarding the safe origin of the raw materials in the products distributed by the company, since the  company has the highest quality certification (IFS Broker), which it acquired as the first among Hungarian distributor enterprises.

Beyond all of this, it is important for the company to provide an inspiring and at the same time family friendly environment to its employees as well as to facilitate the balancing of their work with their personal life. The company is open to atypical forms of employment and supports the continuous development of its employees.


Quality policy

According to the policy of Del Pierre Central Europe Ltd., in the case of traded food products quality and food safety are of primary importance. In the course of the selection of a new product and the constant inspection of existing products it is a defining aspect for the staff to verify that the products are exclusively made from inspected raw materials. In the interest of serving its customers to their complete satisfaction as well as for its partners to be assured that the products distributed by the company are always the same high quality, the company performs its activities in the framework of an internationally recognized quality control system based on food safety in accordance with the IFS Broker 2.0 standard.

Environmental consciousness

The company’s management and its employees equally strive for environmentally conscious work performance, in the office as well as outside of the office. The company’s main profile is trading, it does not perform production activity, therefore it does not burden the environment with a significant amount of pollutants. Environment polluting waste that is created in the process of office work, which originate from the use of IT and office technology equipment, as well as paper waste and plastic bottles are collected and transported selectively to a waste-yard specialized for this purpose.


In accordance with the company’s philosophy, the storage and shipping of the products is performed while assuring excellent quality. The company’s logistic partner, the Nutrifer Ltd. located at the outskirts of Budapest. It is a modern, up to date warehouse with more than 10.000 pallet places and with efficient delivery capacity.